Sr.No. Innovation and Experimentation Class Subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Teacher in-charge Designation Download Photo
1 Collect five wild plants from your locality and find out its medicinal importance Class XI Biology To increase knowledge of medicinal plants Realised Dr. R. Selvaraj PGT (Bio)
2 Serve to save – Are we to leave our successors a searched planet of impoorvished landscapes and an ailing environment ? Class XI English To understand environmental issues , enhance creative writing Realised Mrs. S. T. Soundari Rani PGT (Eng)
3 Study of profiles of any local business unit Class XI Business Studies To correlate classroom knowledge to real situation Realised Mr. Rakesh Kumar PGT (Com)
4 After critical analysis of last 20 years question papers of XII Board exam, prepared a Question Bank for students XII Physics To obtain 100 % result Realised Mr. H. S. Tripathy PGT (Phy)
5 Concept about Conic Section in class XI in utility of Linear Programming in practical programs Class XI Maths Concept about Conic Section in class XI in utility of Linear Programming in practical programs Realised Mr. Swami Nath PGT (Maths)
6 Consumers Awareness and Inflation Class XI Economics To get information about defects of products from consumers Realised Ms. F. Tudu PGT (Eco)
7 Small Software for Creating a File that keeps records of students and Perform Modification and Appending records using File Handling implementation through ‘C++’ Class XII Computer Science To implement file handling through C++ Realised Mr. LokeshSaini PGT (Comp. Sc.)
8 “AbTak Do Din” sutra koadharbanakar Class IX Hindi Learn Samaas Realised Mr. R. V. Ram TGT (Hindi)
9 Early History of Maths Class X Maths To develop the students awareness of history of Maths Realised Mr. O.P. Poonia TGT (Maths)
10 Mean, Median and Mode Class X Maths To collect Primary data Realised Mr. Ravi Kumar TGT (Maths)
11 Selecting Skits from Internet and performing on Stage/ Classroom Class VI,VII & IX English To improve communicative comprehensive Realised Mr. Sanjeev Kumar TGT (English)
12 Tsunami, its cause, Picture story reading, Biography of English Poets Class VII, VIII & IX English To enhance the reading , writing and creative skills, enhance the vocabulary Realised Mr. P. Mishra TGT (English)